Toolkit of Grace

Shaped By A Savior ~ Toolkit of Grace Audio Here

Jeremiah 31:7-14

IKEA furniture is often very attractive (in a minimalist European sense). However, there is some assembly required, and many people have trouble with IKEA instructions. Here’s a funny example of these kinds of instructions. What’s the problem?

IKEA instructions for a dinosaur

How Does God Put Our Lives Together?

God Has A Blueprint
Jer.31:7-14 God will not forget His own, plans to restore them

God Has A ToolKit
Eph.1:3-10 God chooses to give every spiritual blessing

  • v3 spiritual blessings, not earthly (look in the right place for His Gift)
  • v4/6 simply put: God prepared for our response to His Gift
  • v7/8 His blood: Our perfect price (He paid ultimate price for His Gift)
  • v9/10 God shows us His will; togetherness under Christ

God Has A Client
Eph.1:11-14 God chooses US to receive

  • v11 “we”=apostles; they were chosen first on Christ’s team
  • v12 to show that God’s redemption WORKS
  • v13 Proof that salvation works: the Holy Spirit IN us
  • v14 when we receive the Holy Spirit, it is a guarantee that God will complete His plan

Like a contractor will show that they are “licensed, bonded, and insured” to guarantee that they will complete the work, Christ has the authority of the Father, the surety of the Spirit, and the sacrifice of His blood to finish the job of salvation He has begun in you!


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