Whatever Is Admirable

Whatever Is Admirable Sermon Audio Here
the Whatevers of Philippians 4:8
Romans 14:13-19

Phillippians 4:8 contains a number of words which are only found in Scripture once. This morning we’ll look at “whatever is admirable. The Greek word is “euphemos” (“eu”=good, “phemos”=word). This brings to mind the question:

How Do We Get At The Good Word?

Wonder About Wisdom
2 Chronicles 10:1-7: a young successor wonders what to say

  • v6 look for wise advice before making an answer
  • you may not have time: seek wisdom BEFORE it’s needed!
  • v7 kindness and caring goes a long way!

Interact About Issues
Romans 14:13-19: a church has interior squabbles

  • v13 each other; for those IN Christ
  • v15 how to know if distress occurs? Talk!
  • v17 actions NOT indicators of salvation (“only those who”)
  • v18 we serve Christ in righteousness, peace and joy
  • v19 we work at it!

Store The Good Stuff Inside
Luke 6:45: our speech displays our heart

  • What do you dwell on?
  • What do you talk about frequently?
  • Do others hear the work of God happening in you?

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