Whatever Is Noble

Whatever Is Noble Sermon Audio Here
the Whatevers of Philippians 4:8

II Timothy 2:19-21

I wondered why “Noble” gases gasses were called that, and when I did the research, I found they are so named because of their extremely low reactivity. This gives us an insight into Philippians 4:8; to be noble is to not overly react to exterior circumstances.

What is Nobility?

An Attitude Worthy of Respect

  • Phil. 4:8 (adjective – Honorable. Old word – to worship, revere. So revered, venerated.)
  • 1 Tim. 3:1, 8-13 – Character qualities to possess for service
  • Titus 2:2 – qualities to be learned, regardless of age
  • “worthy of respect” RESULT of long term life of worshipful attitude (keeping God in his rightful place in our lives)

A Purpose Worthy of Value

  • 2 Tim. 2:19-21 – cleanse ourselves from what is reproachful & vile
  • “noble purposes” value, dignity, honor – what is our way of life WORTH? What is our VALUE?

A Choice To Give Honor Away

  • Lev. 19:32 – A positive choice in a negative world
  • Prov. 25:6 – a negative warning in a delicate situation
  • “show respect” Hebrew word means “to swell with pride” – to show pride in OTHER’s accomplishments is noble (not self-effacing/putting ourselves down, but building up those around us)

A Recognition of God’s Working

  • Isaiah 45:2 – God goes before us to make things aright
  • “level the mountains” KJV – make the crooked straight – God alone is ultimately worthy of honor;

God alone will set things straight, and when we think about His work in us and among us, we are focusing on what is valuable, what is worthy of respect, and what draws us back to worship

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