Whatever Is True

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the Whatevers of Philippians 4:8

This week, I saw a girl at camp who had memorized all of John 1. She shared with her peers 51 verses of the first chapter of John, and she didn’t recite them phonetically by rote – she *knew* each verse. I am a big fan of memorizing Scripture (Psalm 119:11); however, I have been attempting to memorize Philippians 4:8 for about 30 years. For some reason I have a mental block about getting all of the “Whatevers” in order.

And THAT is why we’ll be doing a series on the Whatevers of Philippians 4:8 – so that I will *finally* get these down in order!

What is Truth like?

Truth is An Attribute of God

  • Isa. 45:19 – truth is the means of relationship with God
  • Ps. 25:4-5 – God guides us through truth
  • Ps. 26:3 – we respond to God’s guidance in truth

Truth Is An Indicator of Integrity

  • 1 Kings 17:24 – the truth backs up his words
  • Ps. 15:1-2 – the truth is living in God’s presence
  • Zech. 8:16 – use the truth to determine righteous behavior

Truth is A Reminder of Righteousness

  • Dan. 9:13 – repentance is an act of truth
  • Ps. 40:11 – God’s truth protects us EVEN IN OUR SIN
  • Ps. 43:3 – the point of the truth is to be led to God

Truth is A Character Quality

  • Ps. 45:4 – truth is not just a true or false state
  • Ps. 31:5 – let the truth come out
  • Prov. 12:22 – our truth delights God
  • Jer. 4:2 – our truth releases God’s blessings to others

Truth is Jesus’ Word To US
Jesus, over and over again, said: “truly, I tell you

Over and over, we are reminded that Jesus IS the Truth (and the Way, and the Life).


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