The Messiah’s Ministry: Preparing the Faithful

He waits

Matthew 24:36-44

Have you ever found yourself waiting for the cable guy to arrive for installation? Sometimes you’re kept in a state of readiness for a 6 hour window! The cable company’s sense of time and urgency is very different from yours. So it is with God’s timetable for the arrival of Christ…

When We Get Anxious About Life, Remember:
* We Live On God’s Timetable, Not Ours
36-39 unexpected arrival of the Kingdom
v36 – Dependence upon Father’s timetable ALONE
v37 – Kingdom comes unexpected by the world; not us!
v38/9 – Ignorance of the Kingdom will not save; Long term plans w/out God will not thrive

* We Live Out Kingdom Life Here And Now, Not Just Later
40-44 Ministry while awaiting the arrival
v40/1 – One is selected, and one is rejected (man or woman doesn’t matter) (cf. 31-elect)
v42 – Why watch? Not about OUR salvation, but our ministry
v43 – Lack of guard + unexpected thief=broken house; Guard+anticipation of arrival=Prepared Reception
v44 – Christ WILL COME – therefore, all y’all watch (we ourselves watch, and help others watch, too)

We are not watching for a rescue to escape this world; we are watching for a Redeemer to join Him in HIS rescue of the world.

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