Prayer For The Nation

newspaper As we approach Election Day, I thought it might be a good idea to share some thoughts on prayer for the nation, as found in Daniel, chapter 9. (I happen to be writing a sermon series on Daniel, and this Scripture, chosen about a year ago, just “happened” to fall right before our national elections. Interesting, huh?)

Seven Steps For National Prayer (Daniel 9:4-19)
1) Remind God of His covenant of love – not for God’s benefit, but to remind us of our part in it – we’re the weaker party (4b-5)
2) Renounce national wrongdoing – the entire nation was under sentence of exile for not listening to God’s warnings (6)
3) Reveal full responsibility – Daniel prays “we”; all who are under punishment; not just rulers “we and our kings” (7-10)
4) Recognize God’s justice – the difficulties experienced are a just result of rejction of God (11-12)
5) Realize Judgment is to prompt repentance – supposed to lead to a changed attitude (13-14)
6) Repent the ruin of God’s reputation – Admit that our actions have undermined the conception of God’s character (15-16)
7) Request forgiveness based on God’s character – It is God’s nature, and not our own actions, which makes forgiveness possible (17-19)

God bless you as you pray for the leaders of your country, the process whereby they are chosen, and the people of God’s response to the whole thing.

KFJ – Ed

P.S. Disclosure: this is just a portion of the sermon I’m preaching this Sunday. If you really want the *whole* thing, you can get stream the sermons from our church website here.

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