Life in Spring

pretty flowers In the words of one of my favorite musicians, “Spring is Here, Spring is Here! Life is Skittles… Life is ________ …” (thank you, Tom Lehrer)

Well, I won’t fill in the blank for you, because everyone views life a little differently. For those who are going through a season of loss, life can be more than difficult. With those, we join in mourning. For those who are experiencing times of triumph, due to the completion of a goal (congratulations again, graduates!), or perhaps the anticipation of a celebration, life can be filled with wonder and expectation. With these, we join in joy. For those who are dealing with planting crops, or raising children (and having them underfoot now that school is out), or spring cleaning, or any number of things that we walk through on our journey, life can be a series of ups and downs, twists and turns, expected events and shocking surprises.

It’s such a privilege to walk with you all on this journey of life in which the Lord has lumped us together! I was incredibly blessed to look out the parsonage window the other day to discover a church family (with a gift for gardening) making the church grounds look incredible. They were pulling leaves, planting flowers, trimming back what needed trimming and bringing order to chaos. I’ve taken a bunch of pictures which are now on the church website as a photo gallery of some of the work that they’ve done. Thank you so much to Curtis, Mary, and all the kids and helpers that made this place look like a park.

And speaking of work that has been done, a big thanks as well to the trustees and the painters who are in the process of transforming our church building with a new coat or two of paint. When the sun hits it just right, it’s as if the building is shining with God’s glory… just as we, the church body, are intended to do as we yield our lives to the work of God in us. Here’s to a lovely spring, and the anticipation of summer!

KFJ – Pastor Ed

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