Preaching Schedule 2012

Hello, everyone. It’s just about the beginning of a new year, and one of the things I try to do is to plan out a year’s worth of sermons in advance. That way, I know generally what Scriptures I’ll be reading and what topics I’ll be preaching about…

With that in mind, here’s the schedule for 2012. It’s not set in stone, of course: as life happens, various changes might need to be made. However, it should be, for the most part, helpful if you’d like to read ahead and prepare along with me. We’re going to take our first month of January, and look at our Church Covenant. Next, we’ll work through the book of John; and finally, we’ll look at the book of Daniel.

2012 Preaching Schedule:

01/01/12 Galatians 4:4-7 Christmas: Your Response To Your Gifts
01/08/12 Romans 10:9-13 Church Covenant – WHO we are in Christ
01/15/12 Hebrews 10:24-25 Church Covenant – HOW we live in Christ
01/22/12 Ephesians 4:7-13 Church Covenant – WHAT we do in Christ
01/29/12 Romans 8:5-9 Church Covenant – WHY we are in Christ
02/05/12 John 1:1-18 The Living Word: Became Flesh (1:1-18)
02/12/12 John 1:19-34 The Living Word: John the Baptist’s Testimony (1:19-34)
02/19/12 John 1:35-42 The Living Word: Following the Master (1:35-42)
02/26/12 John 1:43-51 The Living Word: Hearing and Responding
03/04/12 John 2:1-11 The Living Word: A Change of Nature
03/11/12 John 2:13-22 The Living Word: Cleansing the Temple
03/18/12 John 3:14-21 The Living Word: Teaching the Teacher
03/25/12 John 3:22-36 The Living Word: The Incredible Shrinking Man
04/01/12 John 4:1-42, 12:12-16 The Living Word: Different Understandings, Different Responses
04/08/12 John 20:1-18 The Living Word: Alive Forevermore!
04/15/12 John 5:1-47 The Living Word: Revealing the Mission
04/22/12 John 6:1-71 The Living Word: The Bread of Life
04/29/12 John 7:1-53 The Living Word: Festival Questions
05/13/12 John 8:1-59 The Living Word: Children of Abraham
05/20/12 John 9:1-41 The Living Word: Did You See That?
05/27/12 John 10:1-21 The Living Word: The Good Shepherd
06/03/12 John 10:22-42 The Living Word: The Unpopular Answer
06/10/12 John 11:1-57 The Living Word: Lazarus, Come Forth!
06/17/12 John 12:1-36 The Living Word: Blinding Extravagance
07/01/12 John 13:1-17 The Living Word: The Third Sacrament?
07/08/12 John 13:18-38 The Living Word: Preparing for the Worst
07/15/12 John 14:1-14 The Living Word: Comfort in the Midst of Sorrow
07/29/12 John 14:15-30 The Living Word: The Only Way
08/12/12 John 15:1-27 The Living Word: Abiding = Thriving
08/19/12 John 16:1-33 The Living Word: GPS – God’s Positioning Spirit
08/26/12 John 17:1-26 The Living Word: He Prays For Us
09/02/12 John 18:1-40 The Living Word: Betrayal and Arrest
09/09/12 John 19:1-27 The Living Word: Turning Shame to Sign
09/16/12 John 19:28-42 The Living Word: The Darkest Day
09/23/12 John 20:19-31 The Living Word: The Best News Ever
09/30/12 John 21:1-25 The Living Word: Our Turn
10/07/12 Daniel 1:1-21 Daniel: Friends in High Places
10/14/12 Daniel 2:1-3:30 Daniel: Kings, Dreams, and Decrees
10/21/12 Daniel 4:1-5:31 Daniel: Downfall Foretold
10/28/12 Daniel 6:1-7:28 Daniel: Deliverance and the Four Beasts
11/04/12 Daniel 8:1-9:27 Daniel: Do You See What I See?
11/11/12 Daniel 10:1-21 Daniel: Things To Come
11/18/12 Daniel 11:1-45 Daniel: Neighbors and the AntiChrist
11/25/12 Daniel 12:1-13 Daniel: When All Is Said And Done
12/02/12 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13 Advent 1C
12/09/12 Philippians 1:3-11 Advent 2C
12/16/12 Philippians 4:4-7 Advent 3C
12/23/12 Hebrews 10:5-10 Advent 4C
12/24/12 Titus 2:11-14 Christmas Eve
12/30/12 Colossians 3:12-17 Christmas 1

That should certainly help in worship planning, in personal Bible study, and generally, in being ready throughout the year to interact with the Word.

KFJ – Pastor Ed

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