Armor Prayer: based on Ephesians 6

Lego Roman armor I was thinking about conflict as I was preparing this week’s sermon; I thought a prayer based on the Armor of God described in Ephesians 6 might be worth sharing…

After all is said and done, Lord, we ask that you would make us strong in the Spirit; we ask for ability in Your strength and not our own. We need You as Protector and Shelter, God; we cannot stand against the plans that the Enemy has for us in our own ability.
As we move through life, we understand that we aren’t facing mere frustration with other people; the source of much of our conflict is from unseen spiritual forces of evil in our world, and even in Your Kingdom.
Therefore, we resolve to hold before us every defense You give us, so that we might stand against whatever opposes Your plan for Your Kingdom, and having done everything we can do, we trust in Your grace to be our foundation.
And so we stand, braced by Your truth, and guarded by Your righteousness (and not our own); we are enabled by the power of the gospel to actively bring Your peace to this sin-sick world – prompt us to step out in confidence.
No matter what happens to us, we are safeguarded by the faith which You give; the subtle schemes and the blatant attacks of the evil one just can’t pull us away from Your love for us. Your salvation keeps and holds us even in the midst of pain that we didn’t imagine was coming.
We have the sword of the Spirit – the word of God – which dwells in us. Spirit, continually prompt us to give You free reign our lives, reminding us to keep our ongoing conversation with the Father alive and vibrant; in all our prayer, keep us alert and consistent; put in our hearts the issues and situations for our loved ones and for the world that You want us to discuss with You. And when You prompt us to pray, protect us from distraction, so that we can partner with You in Your work for the world.
In this, we want to be like Jesus, who was constantly pointing back to the Father; reminding us that He wasn’t living by his own agenda, but only by what the Father was showing Him. Show us, Father, as well, how You want us to follow Jesus. Hear us as we follow Christ’s example in prayer, as we pray together, saying… OUR FATHER…


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