Prayer for Independence Day

Combination of the Christian Flag and the flag of the USA
I wrote this prayer in preparation for the Sunday before American Independence Day, celebrated on July 4, 2011.

God our Lord, as we approach Independence Day, we remember our country in prayer.

As a nation, we declared our intent to be ruled not by a foreign power, but only by looking to Your for guidance. We still pray that prayer today, Lord; but we acknowledge that all too often, we exchange Your eternal guidance for earthly distractions. For the times when we decide to live as citizens of our own personal domain instead of following Christ into the Kingdom of God, please forgive us.

As a nation, we often talk of Rights and Privileges of our citizenry. Remind us, Lord, that living and moving and having our being all comes from You; You give us so much more than we deserve – the very definition of Grace. We thank You that we can’t ever earn the freeing gift of salvation through Christ.

As a nation, we can focus on Rules and Responsibilities and our civic duty. This is good, because it causes us to relate to others in our community. Remind us, Lord, that our first rule of living is to Love You – and prompt that love for You to spill over and affect how we function in our greater community and our own families. Use us to be Your reconcilers among others, Lord.

As a nation, many place high value on Reason as a means of making good decisions. Lord, we ask not for greater intelligence or superior argument, but for ever-deepening wisdom and faith to come from You. Prompt our leaders to be followers of Your agenda more than their own; direct the choices we make as a people to be glorifying to You.

We ask for constant guidance of how we are to live as citizens of Heaven in this country of America: faith in You to provide for our needs even while we work hard to support our families; hope that Your Kingdom will be seen in our lives and will change the lives of those around us even as we seek to better our community; loving You first and above all even while we care for others as You would.

Make us like Jesus even as we pray together, saying: OUR FATHER…


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