Working with Confirmands

Confirmation I’ve been working with a great group of young people as a part of my first Confirmation class here at Warden Community Church. We’ve covered a LOT of ground over the past 12 weeks, and this Sunday is our last meeting together before their confirmation on Palm Sunday.

In our final session, I’ll be asking each one of them to write a personal “Statement of Belief” – somewhat akin to the ancient “Rule of Faith” to which Confirmands had to assent as they were preparing for baptism.

I realized that I couldn’t, in good conscience, ask them to write one if they didn’t have a couple of examples. So, I’m giving them a sheet with the Apostle’s Creed (as an example of an historic creed), A Simple Contemporary Statement of Faith (1969), from the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (an example of a more contemporary denominational creed), and my own personal “short” creed, an extremely condensed version of my Statement of Faith (which is 16 pages long, and FAR too large to be posted here).

At any rate, I thought that some might be interested in my “short-form” personal creed.

I believe that God, being infinite, has all attributes without limit.

I believe that the Lord calls people to be a part of the Kingdom of God through God’s choice, not our own.

I believe that how we view God is dependent on our understanding of God’s character. I believe that Jesus is the ultimate expression of the character of God.

I believe Jesus was right. I believe that His focus on the Word of God gives us confidence to read it in comparison to His life. I believe that all biblical data should be considered, and interpreted using the teachings of Christ.

I believe the Holy Spirit guides that interpretative process; that the Spirit activates our ability to understand godly things; that the Spirit functions as Teacher, Guide, Protector, and Interpreter between God and us.

God rescues us to participate in His Kingdom; we respond to God’s rescue with either joyous acceptance, ungracious indifference, or rebellious rejection.


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