Life in a Small Town

Last night, I watched the Pixar movie “Cars” with my daughters. If you’ve never seen the movie, I highly recommend it. It’s about a racecar who finds himself in a small town on his way to fame-and-fortune. His experience in Radiator Springs changes his entire outlook on life.

I had seen the movie before, and enjoyed it… but last night I saw it with a new perspective, due to our experience living here in Warden. So many people have asked me, “so, how are you liking Warden?”. I keep answering with the same phrase: “We love it here!” And in most cases, that response is met with a quizzical expression, as if the person who asks is shocked that anyone could really enjoy living here if they weren’t born here.

Well, it’s true: we *do* love living here in Warden! Let me explain what I’m seeing with my “new eyes” of someone who wasn’t born and raised here…

For those who live “in town”, it’s very convienent. The school is just a few blocks away. The grocery store is a block away. The library is across the street from my home. If I really want a hamburger, and I don’t want to make it myself, there are at least three places within walking distance where I can get a very good burger.

The school itself is a God-send for our family. We had previously homeschooled our daughters because we were sure that we could do a good job with them (and frankly, some of the reports we’d heard from parents in our previous communities didn’t inspire much confidence in those schools). However, the Warden School is pretty great! It’s small enough to where we feel we can get to know many of the teachers and students, but it’s large enough to have sports. It’s got lots of tradition of which to be proud and which can inspire our children, but it is willing to try new things to help its students reach their potential. The teachers and staff are not only dedicated professionals, but we’re glad to count some of them as our good friends.

Finally, the people here are wonderful. Of course I’m going to think that *you guys* are great; I’m so honored to be your pastor I can hardly stand it. But it’s not *just* you; the everyday people I meet here in Warden are something special, and I hope never to take it for granted. I’m looking forward to many more years of getting to know you all as a congregation, and the many interesting and special people in our town.

See you at the Corral… or T&C… or at one of the games at the school… Keep Following Jesus – Ed


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