I signed my contract

I signed (digitally) my contract /terms-of-call with Warden Community Church today.

This is huge. I’m hard pressed to express what’s going on inside me at this moment. I’ve known for a long while that I love to preach, and that I love doing the research needed to craft an informed sermon. As much as I’ve loved doing youth ministry (because it fits my quirky personality), there is nothing that compares with sharing insights from God’s Word, and seeing people “get it”. Sometimes they “get it” for the first time, and that’s especially powerful. I’ve always loved seeing that “a-ha” moment on young faces; what an honor that I’ll have to be able to see it (if God grants it) on the faces of the congregation at large.

Here’s an odd thing to me: I think Jami has known a LOT longer than I have that I was pulpit-bound. She’s been teasing me, telling me I’m a reformer for years… to which I would usually reply, “Shut up!” with a grin / grimace on my face.

But as usual, she’s right. Again. (If she reads this blog entry, I’m toast!)

My wife, the prophetess Jami, has been trying to prepare me for a LONG time that God was calling me to the senior pastorate. I am so thankful for her patience with me… and GOD’s patience with me… in how long it has taken for me to be willing to actually step in to the senior pastorate. I remember reading something from Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, from years and years ago: “If you’re a youth pastor, quit your job and plant a church!”

I didn’t want to hear it then… but now?

Well, let’s just say that God’s faithfulness is directly tied to God’s longsuffering in this case. And if God can lead Balaam to truth through a talking donkey… using me as a senior pastor isn’t that much of a stretch…

KFJ – Ed


1 Response to “I signed my contract”

  1. 1 revsmilez April 13, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    Congrats on the call, and welcome to the family from another former youth minister. I miss working with the kids, but I LOVE preaching every week. My wife definitely holds me accountable. She knew me long before I was a pastor, so she doesn’t let any of the attention go to my head.

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