Thoughts on the Cross

I’ve been cleaning my desk; getting ready for the move to senior pastor of Warden Community Church… and I came across some notes I had jotted down; probably in response to some Bible reading.

Anyway, I don’t want to have to physically move the paper from here to Warden, so I’m typing the contents as a blog entry…

The cross causes a stir… what do we do with the Cross?

Historical review: Constantine (put the cross on his soldier’s shields); Hitler (broke the arms of the cross in the swastika)

What do we do with the Cross?

–Peter rebuked for Jesus for talking about it

— Early church affirmed the Cross

What KIND of God do we revere

— Nicene Creed – God w/ a human face

SOME: Walk away from the Cross

— just take the best teachings from religious leaders and blend to make a way of life

Paul’s Response: Paul HAD to preach the Cross

1) The Cross is a reminder of cruelty of the world (we’re not free from a sin-sick world; it’s God’s business – and ours – to enter into that world and show a different way)

2) To open our eyes to God’s nature; to remind us of who God is…

What do we do with the Cross?

The Two Thieves present the two options; deride Him for weakness, or recognize God’s sacrificial love in suffering.

Jesus CHOSE the path of love – of suffering – for our sake.

What is the Cross? It is to be with God who has suffered as we have, hurt as we have, so that we could be healed.

thus ends my random ramblings on THAT page…


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