“Political” thoughts

The context: this is a conversation that I’m having with some friends on Facebook. I’ll leave their names out of it, but I thought that it was an important enough topic to capture for this blog.

Disclaimer: I am do not consider myself a member of either major political party, so if you’re hoping to paint me as an Elephant or a Donkey, you’re in the wrong part of the zoo (which is an apt way to describe our political system in America).

These posts were made as comments to an anti-Obama thread on Facebook:

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all people, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.

1 Timothy 2:1-2

If you disagree with Obama, PRAY for him….

(brought to you by someone who didn’t vote for him, either…)

Ed, I agree and have. Some people actually pray TO him, while guys like us pray FOR him. 😀 However, for me at least, It’s difficult to pray for him being he is such an authoritarian (arrogant) holding a position that requires much humility to be an effective leader. (from Friend #1, male)

I do pray for Barrack Hussian Obama.. Just like I’m sure that many people prayed for dictators like Adolf Hitler. United States Presidents are elected to lead and serve our Country, they are not Kings! Many came to America to get away from that Control, and to have freedom. But this President is working overtime to take our freedom away!!
I say we take courage, and make our voices heard!!
If you don’t stand for something.. you will fall for anything (from Friend #2, female)

Friend #1, I understand, really I do. We need to remember that it’s easy to pray for people you like; it’s more difficult to pray for those who have hurt you. Jesus raised the bar (“pray for your enemies, and lift up those who persecute you”); will we take Him at his word, or just say, “Lord, that’s too difficult. Can’t I just poke fun at him instead?”

Something else to think about: Mr. Obama, by his own admission, is a follower of Christ. Are you treating him the way you’d want to be treated by people who might disagree with you? Would Jesus do what we’re doing?

Ed, that’s all good. The problem I have with O is his radical nature. He has proven himself to believe contrary to our nation’s founding and governing documents when it comes down to individual Liberty and free markets. Therefore, he is a tyrant.

He was indoctrinated by Marxist ideals, in his own words, “spreading the wealth around is good for everybody”. But, It’s no longer “charity” when it’s coerced. Instead of applauding private charity he will continue to mandate it with more entitlements to redistribute the wealth for “social justice”.

Also, the last church he attended (for 20 years) taught Black Liberation Theology, which is a radical philosophy rooted in hating white people. That’s institutional racism. Just check out author David Cone, his book is touted by his former friend and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. You know, the controversial Rev. that O threw under the bus. Before that he did the same to his “white” grandma and his neighbor Bill Ayers. Ayers is known as the former leader of a domestic terrorist organization called the Weather Underground. All my neighbors carry similar credentials (LOL), check his out: …


The facade that O puts up is sickening, he claimed he would “create jobs” which is impossible for any gov’t. He claimed he would unite this country. His agenda has done everything opposite. I doubt his sincerity on almost any political issue. Despite all that, I know, he deserves prayer especially given his position. My prayer is that he stops pushing such radical reform that will surely cause our nation financial ruin and potential calamity. However, if this nation falls because of him, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. 😉 (from Friend #1)

Friend #1, I certainly don’t disagree with your political viewpoint. Like I said, I didn’t vote for him either.

But that’s not really the point. If you sincerely believe that Mr. Obama is misled/misleading, then pray for him SINCERELY. Pray that the Lord would make God’s grace evident in Mr. Obama’s life. Pray that he and his family would find a good church (I understand they’ve been having quite a bit of difficulty finding one). Pray that the Spirit would be Mr. Obama’s teacher, that his heart would become soft to the plight of all of those under his rule, not just those who he thinks he can affect. And pray that Mr. Obama would be open to the same kind of personal change in his own life for which he so strongly campaigned for as a candidate. And pray all of this without rancor, spite, malice, or a desire to see him fail.
Pray all of this IN ADDITION to the political action steps that you desire to take; so that your good (taking steps to warn people of an agenda with which you disagree) may not be of evil spoken (make sure that your heart condition isn’t bitter as you pray for those in power who are against for what you stand).
Just some thoughts.

Ed, very well said! I hear ya, obviously it’s just a very difficult line for me to walk. (from Friend #1)

well, If Obama was a , and I quote “C-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n” !
Why did He pray with the Muslims on the day that National Day of Prayer was downplayed at the Whitehouse? This is just one of many things , that will disprove that he is a Christian. He has had a year to find a good Christian Church!!! .. Maybe you could do some research Ed, and Help Him find one!… just a suggestion.. Peace  (from Friend #2, who then posted this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=errwiYlXw-g&feature=related)

Friend #2, if I had the opportunity, I would certainly pray with a Muslim. And I am most definitely a follower of Jesus. After all, we, as Christians, are specifically mentioned in the Koran. (We’re referred to as “the People of the Book”, and we’re supposed to be treated as brothers and sisters in faith, not as infidels.)

The US was certainly founded as a Christian nation. If we are supposed to be a nation of people who follow Jesus, then we really need to LOOK at how Jesus treated people who were not part of the nation of Israel.

Did Jesus refuse to talk to the Samaritan woman? No, He shared God’s grace….
Did Jesus refuse to bless the Syria-Phonecian woman? No, He shared God’s grace.
Did Jesus refuse to minister to the Roman centurion? No; He not only shared God’s grace, but lifted up the Roman as an example of faith to His Jewish listeners.

As far as doing research to find a good church for a president, it has less to do with finding one that has theology and programs that would minister to the Obama family, and more to do with a church that is willing to put up with the headache of dealing with massive security issues every week just so the President could show up.

Since I don’t live in THAT Washington (I live here in the GREEN Washington, the one that God loves!), I’d not be a logical choice to appropriately help choose a church for the Obama family.

As a minister, all I can say to that family is that it would be better for them as a family to attend, even with as much of a pain as it would be to everyone involved, than it would be for them to consistently stay home. By neglecting to worship with his wife and children, Mr. Obama is teaching his family that faith is “a private thing”… but faith in God is precisely what is needed most at levels of leadership. Especially at the levels at which the Obama family must live.
Grace and Peace to you as well, Friend #2.

– – –

I somehow doubt that this conversation is finished, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. I’ve edited out the names of those who wrote.


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