Random fascinating quotes

I’m going to use a post on my blog to keep track of random quotes that strike my fancy.
Hmm… I thought I’d just answered that question in the first line…

Here’s the first quote, taken from an article about someone merging an Alfa Romero V-6 engine with a Harley motorcycle frame:

No one knows, and the mystery is part of the appeal — some things are meant to be accepted and marveled at, not understood. Answers just diminish their impact.

Personally, I think the concept that “answers diminish impact” is worth pondering. So… I ponder…

4 Responses to “Random fascinating quotes”

  1. 1 pastoredb February 10, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    Here’s another quote from Abraham Verghese, an Indian-American medical doctor who is also an author. I heard an interview with him this morning, and he said this, which really caught my attention. He was speaking of the almost sacred nature of the bond between physician and patient, and the ritual of going before a doctor, telling the physician what you do not tell your spouse or your preacher or rabbi, and then disrobing and allowing yourself to be touched by the doctor:

    “And I think that this ritual is so profound, so important, that if you don’t come to the ritual possessing the kinds of skills to honor this disrobing and allowing touch, if you can’t examine with the skills required, you have somehow shortchanged the ritual.”

    “And rituals are all about transformation. We marry with great ceremony to bring about a transformation. We inaugurate a President with great pomp to bring about a transformation. The transformation of a very well done physical exam and history in this ancient ritual is the sealing of the physician-patient bond, and then you have earned the right to say, `we need to do this next, and need to do that next.` I don’t think you can sit behind a desk and tick off boxes and say, `all right, let’s get all this done and come see me in two weeks.` You simply have not formed a bond in this human relationship.”

    Rituals are about transformation and about forming bonds. Great stuff.

  2. 2 pastoredb March 10, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    “Followers of Jesus’s Way, who trust the vision that Jesus taught, live in Covenant with creation, not in opposition to it. When we live in alignment with God’s incredible kingdom, we experience inclusive, distributive, justice-compassion, and find peace, regardless of the circumstances. Thus, in partnership with Jesus’s spirit, the Holy Spirit of God/dess, followers of Jesus’s way have the courage and the strength to continue the ongoing great work of justice-compassion here and now. ”

    From http://www.gaiarising.org/blog.4.20.08.html

  3. 3 pastoredb March 10, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    “Christian community and American culture are not synonymous. Christian community, as H. Richard Neibuhr describes it in The Kingdom of God in America (Chicago; New York: Willet, Clark & Co., 1937), is “the ecclesia which as been called out of the pluralism and temporalism of the world to loyalty to the supreme reality and only good.”

    From an ATLASerials article by Peter H.Hobbie, “1 Peter 2:2-10, From Text to Sermon,” Interpretation, 1993.

  4. 4 pastoredb March 11, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    Not sure how this will work, but instead of posting a quote, I’m posting a link to a webcomic which I think has very interesting applications, especially in light of 1 Peter 2:1-10.


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